Friday, April 10, 2015

Zentangle Calendar

Well, I was up to date a few hours ago.. Hahaha.
Keeping a daily calendar sure reminds you of how time flies.

Wonderful warm days here in central FL but that mess of weather causing all kinds of issues in the midwest will push down this weekend and unload rain on us big time.  We need the rain but am not happy it will arrive just when my company also arrives!  Where do I complain!?

Today our Art Group here in our park will conclude it's activities with a big pot luck lunch at 11 am all designed to thank the teachers who have been working so long and hard (for free) all season long!  
We have so many wonderful volunteers!  You can take classes here in oil, acrylic, pastel, colored pencil, clay, china painting, pen and ink and watercolor in our art room! All for free!  (you buy your own supplies).  It's a big selling point here in our park.  We have over 100 clubs with everything from Woodburning to Line Dancing, Fishing to Orchestra, Bingo to lapidary.  You name it.  We got it.  Or we will get it.  Hawthorne Park in Leesburg (look it up). 

Some of our classes will continue on informally over the summer.  Probably 50% of the homeowners here stay all year.  The rest of us toddle up north to cooler spots for the summer and return in the fall.  

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Love your blog ! And I really enjoy seeing your tangle*a*day calendar too.

  2. Very nice work and nice to see my Cloudfall :)

  3. Lovely work today...I know what you mean about the rain. We live in So Calif. and have been so's supposed to rain tomorrow and has been cool all week, but I still want to complain that my feet don't seem to get warm etc. etc. Embracing the rain this week with um-brellas. Enjoy your company inside somewhere visiting and being cozy. : )



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