Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Gelli Print Journals using recycled greeting cards?

Special thanks to Joanna Grant for sharing her tips on this fun way to recycle greeting cards.  These two little journals are totally made from old Christmas cards.  (any greeting card will do, of course). 

These were printed directly on a Gelli plate but you could also glue gelli print papers onto the cards as well.  AND who knew that those decorative rolls of "duck tape" could be so crafty and fun? (And yes, they do spell it "duck".)  It's such a strong and sticky tape it REALLY holds things together and comes in some really funky designs now (about $3.50 a roll at WalMart for about 10 yards.)

Click on Joanna's name above and go to her free intro video demonstrating a lot of what she will tell you and teach you on her new video!  

I've been trying to think of a fun project to introduce in my Gelli plate class in WI this summer.  This "might" one of them.  She also shows how to do this with an old recycled calendar!  (Takes longer to do but is really cool!)  And she does some darling accordion folded books that also would be fun to do in a class together.  

I'd like to journal in one of these so I could demonstrate what people put in this kind of a journal.  Lots of time for that this summer since the class is not until August.  

Gorgeous weather here in central FL…82-85 so the hot 90s has dissipated for awhile.  Sunny and beautiful.  

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