Monday, April 6, 2015

Tangle a Day calendar April 4-6

I had SUCH a good time doing this calendar page!
I was obviously inspired by Carole Ohl's marvelous work on previous pages but I only had to stop because I ran out of white paper!  

Also enjoyed the new tangle "Loop" which I 
tangelated with Crescent Moon around it.  Such a nice easy and pleasant looking tangle!  

Update on cataract surgery: Everything is going very well. Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts.  I see the surgeon again on Thursday for another check up and then it'll be about 2 more weeks and I'll get my prescription for reading/computer glasses.  I am not wearing glasses for TV or driving…just up close work.  I still have quite a few "drops" to take in both eyes…for another two weeks.  But I'll be back at the pool by Wednesday!  Temps in central FL are close to 90 most days now.  

All us former Wisconsin-ites are pretty delirious right now over basketball!  Tonight is the night!  Can we do it?  Whatever happens it's amazing that we got this far!  So go Wisconsin AGAIN!  

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