Friday, April 24, 2015

One last Gerald Brommer assignment...

15 x 15" on 300# Arches WC paper

The purple/yellow combination was something I wanted to try on Wed in class (with Gerald Brommer).  The assignment was to try to "make a floral collage without actually making any flowers."  

This was less than successful (for me).  Although it was a pleasing design it's not what I really wanted to do.  I have another idea already in my mind to try while everything is fresh in my head.  And I may use some gesso to block out areas in this one and start again.  But probably not right away.  Something to work on later this summer.  

Right now I have a couple of ideas "fermenting" with some shows that are coming up soon in northern WI.  I'll post some of those sketches and ideas later.  

I need to write up some marketing materials for two of the three classes that will come up this summer and need to get out into newsletters.  

Meanwhile I need to get over a really nasty sinus cold that came from nowhere.  Ugh…they make me tired and cranky and I can't get motivated when I feel yucky.  Our packing and moving up north for the summer date is May 14 so I do have some time yet.  But then there is a LOT to do in that time frame too. I would say I have about two weeks left before I have to pack up the studio.  

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