Monday, April 13, 2015

Not your everyday boring yellow mailing envelope!

One of the joys of multi media is that it can go just about anywhere and on most anything.  

This is a 11 x 14 mailing envelope.
I am recycling it.
A perfectly good (but very boring) yellow envelope.

On the front to camouflage the previous label, I have Gelli printed, stenciled, stamped with hand-made stamps, drawn and sprayed with paint.  Most of the paint is permanent but a few of the paints are water based.  So I will take it outside and give it a few coats of acrylic clear spray to make it all permanent before it goes to the post office! 

With most of the stencils I like using a foam brayer and acrylic paint.  I think when this is possible, it far outweighs using foam stampers.  And it goes very fast and the foam brayers wash out beautifully and can be used over and over.  

The "calligraphy" is mine and is original..done in 05 and 02 micron pigma pens.  Based on an idea in a recent video by Andrea Joseph where she uses a kind of "contour script".  It is a little harder actually than it looks.  I did it 5 times before I got that one and it still needs polishing.  (She has a great blog by the way). 

This technique is especially nice when sending a gift rather than actually gift wrapping it.  It can sit with other gifts and look pretty "outstanding".  Hahaha.  

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