Thursday, June 3, 2010

ATCs: a way to play

These are, of course, little teensy art cards (the size of playing cards). Artist Trading Cards...if you haven't heard of them...try googling them and you'll find dozens of sites. Artists like to trade them..and believe me, what you see here is pitiful compared to what people are REALLY doing with these. Some are REAL works of art.

I am just beginning to do a little playing. I wasn't going to do this today but when I was cleaning in the studio the bag of ATC cards I had cut out earlier this spring fell out and they seemed to have a life of their own! What you see here are combinations of watercolor, collage, water based marker pens, fluid acrylic, stampers, watercolor pencils, permanent marker. I'll get back and try some more another day. The sun is shining today and I want to be outside!!!

The other two little pencil sketches were done in the waiting room of the clinic this morning while waiting for my husband to have some lab work done.

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