Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Coming to a close on the Tea Pot paper painting

I haven't signed this and I haven't varnished it. I need to sit with it a few days or so and look at it with fresh eyes. It certainly entertained me all afternoon on a VERY VERY cold and rainy day!

It has not stopped ALL day and in fact at 5 pm started to pour even harder! The temp never got above 50 all day. I closed off the loft and shut all the bedroom doors so that the main part of the house will be cozy. And I am having a nice cup of hot Tazo ginger tea (with a touch of pear). Ahhhhh. Appropriate, right?

The photo is under artificial light, of course, so you can't really see it well but you sort of get the idea. I chose not to collage the background. Just left it white. If I were to do this one over again I think I'd give it a pale yellow background before starting. Oh well.

For now one thing I want to do is continue the dark blue line under the teapot which has come to look like a shelf (that is not finished.)

The teabag, incidentally, is a real tea bag, cut in half and painted yellow. The tea is teensy little pieces of paper.

Possible titles: "Tea For Two", "Cure for a Rainy Day", "Ginger Tea with a Hint of Pear", "Hurry, The Water is Hot",

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