Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thinking Sunflowers

A brisk day in the north woods (for almost July!). 58 and windy at noon but at least the sun is shining today. My hubby likes these days...he feels like being outside trimming branches and sawing logs. And true, it's not bad weather as such. It's just so disappointing when you know it should be 85 and and it should be hot and delightful out in for boating or down on the pier!

I turned my attention again briefly to the sunflower challenge in acrylic/paper painting. I love all the colors except the red I chose for the table and that has got to go away.

Purples, blues, yellows. Then red? Nope. I was thinking more "orange" when I set out and it is indeed really an orangey red..but I don't like it. So this will a problem to be solved as I work my way down. Right this minute I am thinking of a pale blue table...very washed out blue in the sunshine and then shading over to purple blue in the shadow behind the bucket. That's what happens when you add something at the last minute in the underpainting without thinking it through.

I have done the bucket (except for the handle) and have started up at the top with the top two sunflowers. I see that I will need to do most of the leaves first so that the flowers will pop out on top of them. So am now going through my stash of green painted papers to see what I have. Because it is a fairly complicated painting it will take me longer to do this one.

My hope is to solve the table color issue and then to leave the sunflowers to do during the demo so I only have to bring papers in those colors.

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  1. Hi, Thanks for your comment on my blog...go to Richeson75.com and there should be a link on their sidebar for a call for entries. Happy painting!