Monday, June 28, 2010

Finishing Up the Portable Labyrinth

You can probably tell, I just put on the coat of gloss/varnish as it hasn't quite dried in a few places yet. I think it'll take a day or two actually. I will put the fan on in the studio and that should help a little.

I decided to use paper paint the outside of the labyrinth as a sort of interesting dark. The effect is watery and it kind of makes the labyrinth look like an island. I like that! I didn't start out with that thought but it sort of emerged!

Indeed a labyrinth is a kind of "island" of tranquility and thought and a journey. I also like the contrast between dark and light.

Schaper and Camp's book refers to the inward and the outward journey.... preparation for the journey and also reflection afterwards. My friend, Phyllis, wrote for prayers this morning...her husband may have breast cancer!!!! Oh my Lord. I have certainly heard of this. When I had breast cancer 15 years ago I read everything I could find, of course, and indeed that came up. But you don't hear about it often. So Joe's name moved up on my prayer list. He's having surgery soon but it's the lab reports I am praying about, of course.

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