Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Paper Painting: Moving on...

It is 50 degrees and POURING rain in the north woods of Wisconsin. This is a day you have to get VERY creative to enjoy!!!

So...I am baking brownies. (Warm oven, yummy smells) and am working in my studio pushing on without any suggestions on that third color (from yesterday's moan).

I have chosen MAGNETA as my 3rd color in the triad and am using a stencil to give help make some more interesting negative spaces. Hopefully it won't be too "busy".

THEN while that dried I finished sketching my fun little sock monkey...enlarging it from the ATC card that I made the other day (see it displayed in front of the sketch). Then I did the underpainting on the sock monkey and painted the papers to go with that project (hanging them on a clothes line IN THE GARAGE because it is raining!).

I think the sock monkey might be a good choice for the demo in July...I am taking photos of it as it goes along.

Both of these paintings are on YES canvas board 11 x 14 and are under painted in acrylic.

I think this sock monkey and the teddy bears I did previous might be part of a series on old but lovable toys. Can a toy train be far behind? I am looking now for a photo of a Kewpie doll. Remember those?

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