Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Collaborative Art Work

Thanks to Sue Wendlandt of the Manito Art League for sending me the final picture of the collaborative art from yesterday!

It's really quite amazing how Karen got this to all go together! Roots and leaves and all. She really did not "assign" us anything except it had to be about "trees". Karen prepped the background and tore the component parts ahead of time. So they would all fit together later.

You'll see which piece is mine if you scroll down to yesterday's post.

Karen, the teacher, is the first two photos across the top and I am #4 in the tan sweatshirt. The mini workshop took place at the Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin, Community Center.


  1. That is amazing, how it all comes together at the end and makes such a striking statement!! And I really like your art cards :)

  2. Really interesting concept and looks like a lot of fun!