Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Karen Kappell's Pastel Class

Pastels? Me? No, not really. But I just felt it might be fun just to for once dabble in them.

Here is Karen demonstrating this morning at the Manito Art League meeting and workshop. (Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin).

Pastels are like some sort of magical medium to me. I am drawn to them in other people's work. But for me, no. What Karen was attempting to do here was to teach 6 of us some of the tiniest bit of the basics of pastels (to whet our appetites) and to also do something in "collaborative art". You know, art that is put together in some way by a group.

Because I had to leave early, I didn't get to see how the finished painting turned out. The theme was "trees" of all kinds, shapes, sizes, and seasons.
There were 6 artists involved in this project.

That is why my picture at the top is such an odd shape. That is just my tiny piece of the collaborative work. I will have to wait awhile to get to see how it all goes together!!! Hopefully I can include a photo of that later!!!

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  1. I'm with you on the pastels - they intrigue me but waaaaaaaay too messy!!! Look foward to seeing the finished work when you get a photo.