Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Preparing A Demo

I promised the Manitowish Waters Art League that I'd do a morning demo of Elizabeth St. Claire Nelson's paper painting technique (with some of my own twists, of course) at the art show. So as you can see out the studio window...dark dark day again here on Wednesday!
Good day to get that started!

I want to be about 1/3 done and then I want to take one that is just starting and several that are completed! The demo is not until July 16 but I have a ton of company coming between starting July 2 and running through Aug 7. Now's the time for creative juices to flow!

I have some decisions to make...but one always does. I am currently thinking of leaving the red stripes in acrylic paint and not paper painting over them in order to keep the background from getting too busy.

The sock monkey is part of a trilogy of teddy bears and a sock monkey and a Kewpie doll: toys of yesteryear. I have done his face/ears and a little of the first white stripe behind him. 11 x 14 on YES canvas board.

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  1. I also like to take something to start, something started and something finished to show the whole process. He's cute!