Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Never mind

Well, never mind what I said before about taking the watercolor class at Dillmans. I have changed my mind. Hopefully for the last time. I told you this gift certificate is making me like nuts!

I've decided on Bob Burridge's class the end of August. Totally different from anything I've taken before. And that is JUST what I need right now. The time is not too bad, starting August 22 for the reception and teaching the week after that. I wrote to Nancy Standlee in TX whose blog is a link on this blog and she has taken like 5 of his classes and said "go for it".

Bob is acrylic and collage. And a tad more abstract than my normal paintings!

This Painters' Retreat pushes you out of your safe zone and into a brand new looser, abstract direction. Painters use the first two days to reacquaint themselves with loose painting and drawing the undraped model. Starting each day with wet paint sketches plus Burridge's popular warmup exercises - fingerpainting - you will be producing a fresh new body of work with your own artistic voice and point of view. Days three and four cover creative tearing and paint splashing, starting each day with small paper collaging - making new work and al

so utilizing the figurative paint sketches. Plenty of lecture and demo notes, constructive critiques and personal painting time. Come prepared to paint your own stuff!

  • Contemporary Abstract Figure Painting (Mon-Tues)
  • Post Modern Painting & Collage (Wed-Thurs)

As a former kindergarten teacher, the finger painting part should be right up my alley...but the rest is way outside the box for me!!! More to follow!


  1. Love this. So loose and juicy. Now I'll go over to see your other things as this is the 1st page I landed on.

  2. yes, I definitely love these top 2 paintings. They seem more assertive than some of the others below but maybe it's just because they're a bit more towards my own art leanings. They do seem more brave and gutsy. I think you're on a good track. Be brave! My own work is very colorful and my tagline about my site is "Don't come in if you're afraid of color!" Maybe you'll pop over and visit?

  3. Wow- I just took a little drive down your sidebar and there are lots of good things to check out there. I'll make my way through some and I like the way the image shows beside the blog name. I might try that out on my own blog, have not experimented with that yet. I have 3 art blogs, one personal, one regional and one with a focus on figurative art. It's my biggest one I'm new to blogging but working hard at it and learning lots. Isn't it fun? Thanks for your site. I found you from Google alerts- figurative art

  4. Hi Paula. Welcome to my blog. But hey, lest I lead you astray that first blog you read about the workshop above...hey, those were HIS images and not mine! I am aiming to paint like that after the workshop in August!!!! Cross your fingers. Please come again soon and I will surely go and find your blog too. Thanks for stopping by.