Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Critiques of this painting

I've had a lot of good suggestions regarding this watercolor/gouache painting.

So, I've added some trees off to the left side in the background. I've extended the fence line to the right edge. I've softened the darkness between the slats of the fence to a grayer tone (from sharp black). I've added a few see-throughs and made the large light colored tree in the background have a little more interesting edge.

My friend, Carolyn, says it suggests water to her off behind the tree line. That was unintentional but I "could" make that more intentional by putting a dim horizon in blue off in the distance behind the tree trunks. That has some appeal to me. What do you think? I really feel the composition is much stronger now. Many thanks for the ideas!!!

1 comment:

  1. Looks much more "finished". I think you can let the viewer just imply the water rather than make a horizon - it just looks like summer at a lake or seashore somewhere. Job well done.