Thursday, June 10, 2010

En Plein Air on Thursday June 10, 9-noon

The Manito Art League En Plein Air group met today at the Thirsty Whale for a little practice!!! I decided to try acrylic again...I keep struggling with it. I picked a small canvas 8 x 10 (which helps).

And I took a limited palette ala Robert Genn...Hansa yellow (I took Arylamide yellow) , magenta, cad red (I took Crimson), sap green, yellow ochre, raw umber, carbon black, titanium white, pthalo blue. (and I added two other greens.. Hooker, and lt. Emerald green).

I think most of the colors were Atelier Chroma which tend to stay wet a tad longer than most. I added "retarder" to my water. I did not use a sta-wet palette for en plein air...but a small palette that on which paint can be "peeled" off after it dries. I put a wet sponge inside when I wasn't using it.

I remember Robert suggesting that you tint the canvas first...a medium color range (I used a slightly pinkish gray). Then I just put on shapes. I like to make some more interesting shadow shapes. /

Now I'd like to go back and touch up a few things and lighten or darken in places. Get more contrasting values. The whale over the door needs to be more prominent.

All in all, however, it was fun and no time ever goes more quickly for me than when I am painting this way.

I wish I had time to go around and photo the other 4 people who painted but they were on the other side of the building somewhere and I didn't have time to go hiking. Hopefully next time. And I think next time we should bring our paintings to lunch and have a show and tell.

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