Thursday, June 13, 2013

Continuous Ink Drawing On Location: June 13 En Plein Air

7 x 9: Watercolor and Micron pen on Arches 140# wc paper
Well today the outdoor painters group (about 15 of us) met at Marywood Spiritual Center in Arbor Vitae, WI.  It is a great setting on Trout Lake with lovely gardens, paths, architecture, etc.  What did I sketch?  
A motorcycle.

Well, I found it windy and cold down at the lake I headed up to the spiritual garden with the statues and wishing well and early spring flowers.    

I settled down with my stuff. (including my thermos of hot coffee which I poured right away while thinking.)
The flowers and the architecture looked inviting.  Then sun came out.  I was up away from the lake it wasn't so windy but enough to keep the mosquitoes off.  Really pleasant.  But then.... I turned around and there it was.  This gorgeous motorcycle.  Could I do a continuous line pen drawing of THIS?  I LOVE a challenge!  This was all free hand and "almost" continuous line.  I did pick up the pen a few times.  

I spent almost an hour on the drawing/wc.  VERY fun.  Then I changed locations and went over to the flowers and did a little pencil sketch (took a photo so I could finish later) and off to lunch with the gang. (I'll post the second sketch later.)  We had a great lunch at the Northern Cafe in Arbor Vitae on Hwy 51.  Home made bread!  Oh yum.  

I'll miss next week as I am headed to southern WI to visit my friend Kendra for a few days.  But I'll take my sketching supplies with me.  Ya never know when a motorcycle will be sitting RIGHT there!  :-)  

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  1. I love your motorcycle drawing! Sketching is so freeing and I can see that in your cycle! Great job!!



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