Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Teaching Beginning Watercolor at Clearwater Camp

Continuous line drawing with ink!

Clouds, trees, rocks, water...oh my

This was Day Two of my volunteer teaching at Clearwater Camp for Girls in Minocqua, Wisconsin.
The camp is about 30 minutes from our cabin on another lake.  If you look carefully at the first photo you can see out the window what a wonderful space we have to work in!  The view is to die for!  

The arts and crafts building actually hangs out OVER the lake.  Sailboats drift by.  Behind the girls in the second picture you can see the waterfront where the girls swim.  

On Day two the group went from eight to six girls because two left on a canoe trip.  They are all 13-14 year olds.  Extremely nice gals.  And they did a continuous line drawing of red peppers and lemons. 
We also worked on shadows (ala Brenda Swenson with reflective color in them.)

Then I worked with them on how to make simple clouds, some simple ideas for water and rocks and two kinds of trees.  In the second photo they are using my drawing to practice all these.  

You can see the dates I am planning to teach there under my events to the right of the blog.  Weather was absolutely PERFECT both days...80s and sunny. Isn't it nice not to have me weather-whining!!!?

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