Thursday, June 6, 2013

Working on tinted paper

Not only working on tinted paper but trying out white gouache on tinted paper.

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  1. Very nice work. Tinted paper is really fun to work on; makes you think a little differently.

  2. Oh nice that you stopped by my blog. Always love it when you do. was my first time on tinted paper (Brenda had samples for us...Canson brand I believe).
    I would try them again.
    She does a lot of en plein air and likes tinted as it deflects the glare.
    She did not mention sun umbrellas but I would not go out without one.
    They save your eyes big time.
    I am anxious for WI weather to warm so I can be outdoors journaling more.
    But she is big into doing sketches wherever you are...inside too. Especially continuous line drawings in ink! Trains the eye.



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