Saturday, June 8, 2013

Diva's Challenge: Birds on a Wire

Birds on a Wire, Orbs La Dee, Neuron (v), Schway, D-1 and B-3 Grids

I thought I'd real quick submit the Diva's Challenge for this week.  Hope I am not too late.  Birds on a Wire is used in 3 places on this Zentangle.  I have never used that tangle before and am not confident with it yet.  Looks like lots of variations possible thought which I like.  The string was a 2-pencil string again (two pencils held in one hand and drawn at one time).  Sometimes it works better than others.  The "grid" tangle patterns are from Marie's grid patterns that she gave us a few days ago.  I have glued them into the front of my pattern book.  Quite fun.  

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