Friday, June 14, 2013

Watercolor sketch of Marywood Center

Watercolor 9 x 11 on Arches 140# paper
This is the second sketch I did yesterday at Marywood Spiritual Center in Arbor Vitae, WI.  Most folks sketched down by the lake but the wind whipping up was VERY cool and even though I was dressed for the weather, I like to be comfortable when I paint.  (see my set up in yesterday's post.)

If you scroll down one post you'll see my first sketch.  After that was finished I moved about 50' from that location and turned toward this sweet little area near the building.  The garden plantings were profuse but it's so early in the spring not much is blooming yet.  I re-arranged the setting (Brenda style) and moved the little wishing well over into the yard from it's location far off to the right. And I cleared some space in the garden (for your eye to have some spaces to travel around in.)  I see now a few compositional things I'd like to change.  I don't like that "straight" line of grass under the wishing well and it will be nicer to make that more uneven and natural.  I plan to tone down the chimney a sticks out too much right now.  I'll put it more in shadow.  

It was a fun little memory.  I did finish it up in the studio after I got back...since I did two sketches I didn't have time to finish this one.  I put the photo on my iPad so I could look at the scene as I completed it.  That was helpful.  

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