Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Original WC on notecard: Lily of the Valley

WC and pen and ink on Strathmore cream notecard 4 x 6
Our lily of the valley are blooming now and they are so beautiful.  Here in the north woods, flowers are small and delicate and easily overlooked.  Although these are not wild flowers (we brought them up and transplanted them from the house we sold in Elkhorn, WI) they fit into the theme of small and gentle and beautiful.  The little pot was a gift from Jean Morgan who was a dear friend and I think of her whenever I take it out.  

My books on "Wabi Sabi" came in the mail today.  Perfect timing.  The little one by Diane Durston is a real gem. Wabi Sabi: The Art of Everyday Life.

 After a few short chapters about background and meaning...she uses mostly haiku poetry to express this mindfulness.  
In between are short little "stories" from the Japanese tradition that try to express meaning. There are also some photographs (black and white) and quotes.  Lovely.  

This morning around 6:30 am...a big ole round raccoon came waddling onto our property nosing around...trotting over the grandchildren's sandbox and then trundling down the path from the house to the lake.  Not 20 minutes later a beautiful red fox slipped gently by going the opposite direction...big plume of a tale.  I took my coffee down to the lake around 7:30 and sat in the adirondack chair to watch the sun come up behind me and illuminate the shore across the lake.  The lake like glass.  There are some days when I remember why I am here.

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