Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Japanese Folding Pocket Sketch Moleskin Sketchbook

Japanese Folding Pocket Sketchbook  3x 5 (Moleskin)
So many times I end up somewhere and do not have my sketchbook with me.  This little guy fits right into my purse (along with one Micron #3 pen) and has a built in rubber band that holds it securely closed.  

I do not take any watercolors with me...if I want color I add it later and might take a photo if I need to remind myself on the colors.  Just room for a drawing a small object or two and maybe some notes.  Voila.  I found it at Cheap Joe's catalog.  And the paper is thick enough that I can draw on both sides!  (It does not take watercolor very well...sort of slick finish).  But it is okay.  Fits my needs.  It doesn't take the place of good "travel journal" or a personal journal but just for those times when you are sitting somewhere and you look across the room or out the window and you think "if only..."  :-)

And sometimes I even drop a Zentangle into it.

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