Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Captions and Titles in Journals

As I read other journal blogs and sketching blogs I do have to admire the wonderful printing and calligraphy that some artists are able to produce!  Although calligraphy is surely not an absolute necessity to making a nice journal certainly enhance it!  

So as I was thinking about that the other day I did a little search on to see if I could find some help with hand lettering.  There was a huge supply of interesting books on this subject.  I chose this one to start me off and you can find used copies on Amazon for very little money (under $5) to get you started.  I have included one sample page of 50 different lettering samples.  The idea is that you can trace the letters or just use them as a "model" and perhaps make your lettering a little more interesting and "artful" and fun to read.  My sketch above was yesterday down at the lakeshore watching the grandchildren play.  And the wild columbine are now flowering on the roadsides here.  Such a lovely wild favorite.  So I couldn't help but include it.

1 comment:

  1. Ginny, I have the same book plus a lot of others about lettering and I have the same goal and your try looks great.



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