Friday, July 31, 2009

NEVER Buy Another Greeting Card!

Since I am away from the studio for a few days due to shows (and a ton of guests again) I thought I'd mention something that I plan to talk about in my class on Sept 16th.  That is the ease of using your sketches OR your paintings in making note cards.  If the sketch or painting is 11 x 15 or smaller there is such an easy way to enjoy sharing photo copies of your work!  I use Staples or Office Depot but you may find other places to get your art duplicated economically.  Ask the copier to put 4 images per sheet as shown with the gazebo painting.  These will be just the right size for the most common size of note cards.  Carefully cut them out with a paper cutter, scissors or trimmer gadget that stampers use.  I use an acid free glue stick (any brand) to attach them to the cards.  They can be "matted" as the watering cans painting was with a colored paper behind them, or you can use a nice colored gel pen to "draw" a mat around them as in the hibiscus and poppies paintings.  Usually some kind of matting makes it look especially finished.  I always sign the cards (like Hallmark does :-) on the back or I use a label that I have created on my printer or I use a stamp that says "hand made by....." and fill it in.  You can also re-mark the cards if you have some creative time.  That is you can hand-paint some more on each card.  (I'll have to show that another time.)  Thanks to Cheryl Jacobs, of Leesburg Florida, for getting me started on this topic!  If you plan to sell your cards or give them away as a gift in bunches of 6 or something you might want to put them into a cellophane bag exactly made for that purpose.  It really makes the cards look professional and lovely.  Click here for info on how to purchase these bags 

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