Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter Egg Series 3 plus pure play

Top left: Frippery (v), Pia (v), Phicops,Tucked In, Striping, Scallops, Diva Dance
Top Right: BTL Joos, Gyro, Poke Root, Sproing
Bottom: Papyrus, Romanancy, Flower Box, Tipple, Nekton

This is what happens when you haven't put one art project away before you get out another.  My stamping art from multi media was one one table with my home made stamps.  Somehow it hopped over to the Zentangle table.  The yellow one is fluid acrylic, the pink is watercolor.  The violet is just wc but laid over a bit of wax paper resist for interest. 

The violet is, of course, my Easter Egg series #3.  The others are just pure play. 

Time to clean up and bake a peach cake for the party tonight.

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