Thursday, March 28, 2013

Watercolor on Yupo

Watercolor on Yupo 14 x 20
This painting was photographed indoors under indoor lighting.  Not a good thing.  I will resend under natural light at a later date.  The skin tones all turned orange (which they are not).  But the other colors seem fairly close to what they are.  Also wc on Yupo dries very shiny so you cannot put a light directly over the painting or you get major glare!  

I am thinking of cropping it slightly more than it currently shows.  Pulling in a little on left and right I think.  Carol thought so too.  But I will toss that around for awhile. 

I posted this a few days ago partially finished.   

But the colors are totally "intense" and that sort of comes out in the photo okay. This is partly the fun in Yupo!  I did this in Carol Ann Sherman's Yupo workshop yesterday at the Center for the Arts.  A very fun workshop...Carol is great and the others in the class were great too.  It was a sponsored workshop from Leesburg FL Art League.

I decided to post this today (even though not the best photo) because today I am going into Orlando to get my iMac computer operating system updated from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion.  This is TWO upgrades.  BIG DEAL.  I am really nervous about this and am afraid that "things ain't going to work they way they are supposed to work" after this is done.

Sigh. So I decided to send all my newsletters and post all my blog stuff and Facebook etc this morning.  Then I will back up the computer and tidy up my desktop, etc. At least I'll be up to date.  I expect I'll have to sign up for at least two one to one workshops on how to use the new system! And the Apple store is in Orlando about an hour away.  Not too convenient.
Wish me luck!     

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