Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Yupo Process: Day 2 of Workshop

half sheet/WC on Yupo

This is day two of the Yupo workshop with Carol Ann Sherman.  Lots of fun.  As you know I did the drawing at home and brought it to the I was ahead of everyone who was still putting pencil to paper.  I truly feel it is so important for workshop leaders to either give us all the same drawing to work on or to have us bring a finished drawing ready to paint.  At least in a two day workshop.

Sorting through photo references, drawing and then transferring a drawing takes most of a day in a workshop.  Sigh.  So I did get one painting done and this one started.  I'll post the finished one tomorrow.

Lots more to do on this lady and car of course...lots of decisions about background, colors, and etc.  Carol Ann says that because it's an interesting drawing I do not HAVE to actually paint in a face.
Somehow I think this will be too distracting to have her be like a "doll" in the painting.  But faces are hard...especially in Yupo.  Still I may give it a shot.

ps Does anyone know if there is a word for a drawing/painting that slips outside the boundary of the main in the lady's umbrella and her feet?  Is there a name for that?  None of us could think of it.  

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