Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Muffin Series and WC Palettes to Go

Vortex, Twile, Moving Day, Lokomotive, Keenees
 I am into a "series" of Zentangles in the "muffin" shape right.  Go figure.

Preparing for Brenda Swenson's En Plein Air painting workshop

Brenda has been posting about her palette on her blog recently.  Those of us taking her class up at Dillman's in WI in June are happy to get a head's up on setting up a "similar" palette.  Just so happens that I already owned the same palette (although I was using it for gouache paints).  So I cleaned it out and started over.  I decided to add a few of Brenda's colors and then some of my own.  At the top is a print out of a Brenda's palette and below is my actual palette.  

I decided to try a few new colors she likes (Holbein's Leaf Green looked so nice).  It is the first color on the right side...very leafy, right?  Thought I'd give that a shot.  I also added back in "Raw Sienna" which I really had given up using much in favor of Quin gold.  But she uses both.  So I dug out some I had...may be a little old and dry...we'll see.  I did not get her Marine Blue but opted for Antwerp instead as it a favorite blue of mine.  But am trying something called "Antique Bamboo" instead of Cobalt Teal.  She uses Veridian which I will try's a lovely green for mixing but I find it dries up on the palette too quickly.  Otherwise the colors are similar to ones I use on my main studio palette.  She has a black on her palette...Daniel Smith's Lunar Black.  All I had in my bag was a Winsor Newton "Lamp Black" which may not work.  But I did put it on.  

Brenda's blog is under my favorites so you can go click on that if you want more details.   

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