Thursday, March 14, 2013

Zentangle Muffin Series: Muffin # 6

Whyz (v), Illusion, Diva Dance, W2, Laces

This muffin is called "Not for Sale".  Hahaha.  Well, sometimes you just HAVE to sample them!  (note crumb beside the muffin?)  

I am still calling Maria's "layout design" Illusion even though that is not an official name for it. (That's the design on the muffin paper.)  It's not a tangle and it's not really a string.  It is more a "technique" to create an illusion.  Everyone in the Diva's challenge has made wonderful versions of it.  

Cool but lovely sunny central FLorida day...Around 70 for today but up to 87 by Monday.  I talked to some one by phone today from Lac du Flambeau, WI where our summer cabin is located...they are going snow skiing today.  Next Tuesday their high is 18.  Low around 5.  You know, I don't see much "spring" in that forecast yet!!!!

Oh by the way...I tangled the cover for the Spring Choral Concert here at our park.  I'll post a photo of that later.  Happy Thursday!  

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