Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Watercolor on Yupo: Carol Ann Sherman

Carving out my painting from an all-over coating of  WC on Yupo Paper  (18 x 24)

Photo reference for paining

Carol Ann Sherman introduces WC on Yupo

Everyone who has ever participated in a workshop knows that you get sort of "drained" of your brain each day.  

I loved that Carol started us out with  a "sampler" of different ways to use paint on Yupo...especially good for newbies and for us more experienced...a nice refresher. And something to keep for a reference.  

She usually begins (after the drawing is on the paper with graphite) by covering the entire paper with a background color or colors.  Then she "lifts" and "eats" her way back through the drawing starting with the lightest lights.  

Because she uses her paint very thick on subsequent layerings, she can paint on top of lighter colors.  BUT in order to get that fresh light you can take the color away and get back to white paper and then lay down color again.  

I loved the negative spaces in this painting.. what you see above is probably only about an hour's worth of painting at the end of the day.  I'll get back to it in the morning and I hope to lay on the color for a second drawing that I made (I blogged that drawing a week ago...about the old car and the Victorian lady).  

A great day...more to come tomorrow.

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