Sunday, March 24, 2013

En Plein Air Sketching again!

Landscape Moleskin Journal 5 x 8"

Everyone is an art critic.

Perry Ann's farm house.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to a lovely supper party out in the central Florida farm area yesterday.  The skies cleared and temps went up to 79!  It was a real "cracker" menu with fried alligator, venison stew, and several other entrĂ©es!  Lots of time for visiting on the the big wide veranda.  It was a thank you party for folks who had been volunteering all year in the Leesburg Elementary school.  Nice people!!!

As the party began to break up, I grabbed my sketching materials and spent about 40 minutes doing a little fast sketch of the farm house.  

I wanted to try out my new Brenda Swenson palette of colors.  It is not all that different from mine but there are some changes and that makes mixing colors different, of course. Especially grays and greens!  

I am pushing myself to do the ink sketches (with no graphite).  This is how Brenda works.  This is a challenge too!!!  And Perry Ann's friendly horses came to critique my work, of course.  

I was also surrounded by free roaming roosters, chickens, pea hens, and many goats.  Our back in the pen I could hear the donkey braying.  (I got some photos of him...such personality!)   


  1. Wow I love the menu. Good for you trying out new painting. Mixing continues to be a chalkenge for me to. Love the sketch and the story that goes with it. Lovely house.

  2. This is a wonderful sketch. The menu sounds exciting as well. Great idea about sketching with ink and not using it such a fresh look.