Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Muffin Series #5: The Birthday Muffin

Snorr, Star Map, Lamar

This muffin turned out to be a "birthday muffin".  It needed a candle to balance it from falling over!  :-)

I had a LOT of trouble with the new tangle "Snorr".  Whew.  It takes a lot of concentration.  I admit to putting it in with pencil first the first few times.  Just as always, practice is what makes it work out and with over 350 different tangles in my 3 ring binder now... OMGosh...the choices are mind-boggling!  I know that Margaret Bremner and I have both been whining a bit with how to keep so many tangles in order.  But it's all her fault.  She keeps inventing them!  

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