Thursday, March 28, 2013

Zentangle and a Stamped Image

Laces, Flutter Pie (v), Oakling (v), Star Map, Z-Trik, BTL Joos (v), Tink (v), Mura, Punch (v)

One of the fun things we did in Cynthia Vose's wonderful Zine multi media workshop was make our own stamps from self stick foam. (Yup the stuff you can buy at WalMart and craft stores for cheap).  You just cut it out with scissors and stick it to foam core. Voila. Roll it with ink or acrylic using a little foam roller.  Talk about making your own wrapping paper!!!  Wow.  

Anyway...I stamped one on a Zentangle tile (fluid acrylic) and let it dry and then tangled it.  It was a fun challenge and when I listed the tangles I was amazed at how many I used!  (Or versions I used.) This won't be anything I plan to do regularly...but it was fun!  

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