Thursday, March 21, 2013

Easter Egg Zentangles AND Yupo

Quandary, Flowervine, Oakling, Twile

This is Zentangle One of the Easter Egg series.  I can't believe I haven't seen more eggs on Zentangle blogs yet!  Surely they will be coming!!!?  I laughed at these as they sort of look like "potatoes" rather than eggs.  So "funky" Easter eggs.  

Yupo Sketch

Sorry the Yupo paper sketch is a little faint.  I took the photo under artificial light at night.  It is just graphite on white paper (about 18 x 24).  I am prepping for Carol Sherman's workshop on March 26-27 at the Leesburg, FL Center for the Arts.  

I am bringing several prepared sketches with no backgrounds because I am going to plan those out with Carol.  You can get very "abstract" with wc on Yupo if you want to.  I may infer buildings or just trees and flowers there.  

The reference photos were from two different events.  The lady with the umbrella was at the Mt. Dora Art Fair two years ago garnering people to come to eat the Rose Garden Restaurant.  The car was from a car show at the Leesburg Street Fair the first weekend in March.  

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