Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Zentangle Bridal Card

Basilica, Twile, Whyz, Oakling, Eclipse, Tesali

Getting ready for a bridal I made this gift enclosure.  So it's a great time to practice a few tangles that are fairly new to me.  I re-did Whyz again in a new hardly recognize it now (on the bottom left).  Oakling is not new, I don't think, but it's one of Margaret Bremner's tangles that I just love...(middle top).  Tesali (top left) is new or at least new to me. 

This is on a 4 x 6 greeting card.  

I am not going to be able to be at the shower so I think I am going to get them a gift card to Target.  I know they are registered there but how much fun to just be able to pick out what they want later.  It will slip right into this pretty card.  Almost frame-able.

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