Saturday, February 8, 2014

A little more clownin' around

Well, enough clownin' around for today.  But I think this is fun.  I did decide that coating the canvas with Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground, let dry, then lightly sand with fine sandpaper was a better surface to work on when you are working with pens.  I used a #.03 Micron.  I used a combination of wc, acrylic, and Pitt artist pens.  

Now I need to think about how to display them.

Incidentally I have met all these clowns.  They are local folks here in central Florida.  

1 comment:

  1. Like your idea of mounting them onto another canvas for display. I did one like that a few years ago. I got some sort of super duty glue at Home Depot and the little canvases have not fallen off (yet!) Interesting about sanding the DS w/c ground - I've got some of that and really don't like it, but didn't think to sand it down - perhaps will give that a try now.