Thursday, February 27, 2014

Getting close to the end of February already!

25: Schway 26: Windspinner, Lacey, Ripples, Poke Leaf, Well (or Knot Rickz), Cubine, Brabs, 27: Patchwork Seminole, Telis, Gommi, Heartfully, Phen, 2-n-5

Rainy morning in central FL so great moment to finish up the calendar for this week AND combine it with the Diva's challenge to take a gridded pattern and "bend" or curve it.  I particularly like how Patchwork Seminole turned out on the "27".  I had sort of forgotten about that tangle.  

We are off to a regular doctor appointment this afternoon for my hubby.  I must remember to take my "kindness project" tiles with me.  Doctor's offices are such a good place to leave "unexpected or abandoned" art.  

Hoping for some warmer and dryer weather ahead for my granddaughter coming from NY on Saturday.  Everyone cross your fingers.  


  1. Lovely! I like your choice of tangles!

  2. This page in your calendar is beautiful. Have a great tine with your granddaughter.

  3. A wonderful use of curves to create beauty!