Friday, February 28, 2014

The Final Ensemble finished

10.5" x 10.5" Ensemble of tiles

This is the second 9 tile ensemble I've completed for the Retreat to Paradise (April 3-6) in Melbourne, FL.

The tiles are then "exchanged" randomly between the other participants doing the same "strings" and we all end up with a totally different piece of art than we started with. The tangle pattern names of each tile (and my name) are on the back of each of the tiles. 

You get sort of attached to these art works as they do take quite a bit of time to complete.  Totally fun.
But I AM glad to be done and off to do other things.  We did get our supply list for the retreat the other day and I bought myself a "self healing" work table mat (which is something I've always wanted anyway).  

I have finished typing the program booklet for the big Hawthorne Park Art show (March 9) and it went to the printers today. We have 160 pieces of hanging art and about 40 pieces of table art (sculpture, wood carving, porcelain, etc.)  So it was a bit to type up.  Another load off my shoulders.  I am feeling lighter and lighter.  

My adorable 23 year old granddaughter arrives at the Orlando airport at 9 am tomorrow morning. NY has been snowy and cold!!  I'll bet she'll want to head straight to the pool!!!  And fall asleep as she probably has to get up at 3 am to make at 6:15 plane!  I promise I'll slather her with sunscreen.
We expect 80+ for the next 3 days.   

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