Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Paper Weaving and Print making Combo

Two hand made book marks...7" x 2" Paper

I am taking a workshop this April from Cherryl Moote and so I went to her website and found some wonderful crafty paper ideas that sort of fit with some of the things I like to do.

You can download the patterns here.
They are free to share.  
The ones I did are the "easy" ones.  I think I'll stick with those.  The directions are on the link and you can just run off copies on copy paper.  Be sure to run a few extra.  

I combined my love of stamping and mark-making with this project by applying a fairly transparent craft acrylic paint first and when dry did some stamping on that in another color.  I left the back white which is what you see when you cut out the designs and fold them up.  Next time I think I might apply a light coat of a contrasting color...pink or yellow would be nice here.  

I cut them out with a craft knife, folded and glued the book mark them on gelli plate printed deli paper with YES glue and then let them dry under weights for a few hours.  Then cut out around the outside edges again.  You might want to glue them a slightly heavier paper instead of deli wrap.  Just to give them a little more strength.  
I think one could coat them with a coating of gel medium to strengthen them too.  

Our art show (March 9) here at Hawthorne Park sells our donated cards and book marks to earn money for our group.  


  1. The download does not work. I guess it is too old. Can you send me a copy via email to cheryl.hewak@gmail.com Thanks

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