Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Zentangle Calendar

4: Scrolled Heart, Pozer 5: Hearty 6: Striping

Yes, I know I am a day ahead.  Wild week going here and so when I got going this morning I went ahead and did Thursday.  I have to be off leading a book group at church on Thursday.  I just kept things simple for that day!

I really like how "4" turned out.  Both those tangles are very nice together.  A new tangle friend suggested "Hearty" for "5" and mine is a variation, of course, but I do like it.  Linda Farmer has it on, of course.  "5" is done with Inktense pencil which when wet becomes permanent.  Great pencils...and are intense color.  "6" is done with Dr. Ph Martin's Hydrus liquid watercolors.  

I taught 12 beginners in a Zentangle class yesterday morning.  We had a good time and I think I have made some new tangle friends there!  I have started adding Wheelz to the beginner tangle list because it is so easy and dramatic. 

Have you seen that there is are some Zentangle apps now for your tablets?  I have an iPad.  The best one so far is called "Tangle Library" by Sandy Bartholomew.  I have several of her books.   


  1. 6 makes me think of a peppermint! Wouldn't that be fun to have heart shaped peppermints for Valentine's day? Maybe they do make them???

  2. I like day 5 were the hearts are coming out of the bigger hearts. And the other two days are great too.

  3. All three are great; like Didisch Day 5 is my favorite. Those apps are also very nice to have.

  4. Oh, so fun! I like the hearts in 5 -- hearts coming from hearts! There is an app - Doodle Patterns - that has several Zentangle patterns too.

  5. Love them all, 5 is bursting out. How fun.

  6. I was hoping we didn't have to pick a favorite...they're all pretty, and I love your style!



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