Friday, February 7, 2014

Happy Hearts

Lacey, Crescent Moon, Heartvine

Sometimes I just have to "tangle ahead" while I have a few moments.  Last night waiting for the Olympics to start I had about half an hour.  Am excited to see the opening this evening.  

The color just seems to be needed with the hearts.
I used wc in #7 and touches of iridescent pen.  #8 is all iridescent pen.  And #9 is colored pencil.  

Rainy and cooler today in central FL...around 60 for a high but moving gradually and steadily back up to 80s by mid-week next week.  We should see sunshine again by Sunday.


  1. Also lovely, 9 is quite special I think.

  2. I enjoyed looking at all your beautiful heart tangles! They are all so lovely and different! Wonderfully done!

  3. 7 is my favourite, and nine inspires pokeyhearts.