Thursday, February 20, 2014

Wrapping Paper on the OUTSIDE

I was just getting ready to send off a gift certificate to a friend for her baby shower when suddenly I remembered that some mono print crazy persons (like me) decorate their mailing envelopes with mono prints and their gelli plates and stamping.  Since there is no wrapping paper per se for this gift I thought this might suffice for "hand made wrapping paper". Sort of.  Of course the mailing stamps will cover some of the right hand corner when I mail it.  

And because it's all acrylic, it's all waterproof and indelible and not going anywhere on the trip!  Ha!

So this was two layers of mono printing and then some stamping on top of that when dry and of course it dries in an instant. 

I have finished watching Jane Davies' DVD called Scribble Collage and Hand-painted papers.  OMGosh.
You is to die for.  Now I need to watch it like 10 more times.  Just kidding.  But several more to be sure.  It is just chuck full of great ideas.  

Jane uses palette paper (slick) as a surface for her brayers when she rolling out paint for her stamps or stencils.
After awhile she just tears it off and throw it away...but if you think of it, you can just take a baby wipe or a wet paper towel and wipe it off.  If you remember to do it while paint is wet, that is.  Sometime you get busy but then, oh well.  

I had some large size palette paper that I cut into a good size for me...about 6 x 10" and then I stapled them at the top and so I made my own "pad".  

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