Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ensemble two thirds done

2nd Ensemble for the April Zentangle Retreat 2/3 done

This is a 9-tile ensemble and these are first 6.  
I worked on it today in the hospital waiting room while my hubby was getting some routine work done.  
It was a long testing procedure so I was able to spread out on the children's work table with my thermos of coffee and work away.  It sure does make the time go quickly.

Actually I have done 15 of these tiles, as I did the first 9 tile ensemble quite a long time ago.  Then I got busy with other things.  You know how it goes.  I got inspired because Margaret Bremner finished hers and posted it.  (Enthusiastic Artist blog to the right side under blogs I follow).  

3  more to go and I'll be all set for the "Retreat to Paradise" which is getting closer all the time...April 4-6.  Cool day in central FL today but nothing like what is happening in Atlanta and the Carolinas.  My sister in S Carolina has like 6" of snow!!!  YIKES!  We will be up to 80+ by Wednesday of next week for our bus trip to Sarasota for the day.  Yippee.  We will be at Ringling.  Hubby and I have been twice but we love that spot.  

Incidentally I did leave two Kindness Tiny books at Shands Hospital in two different waiting rooms while I was there today!  


  1. Now who's crazy!!!!! Way more intricate than marbles!
    Hope Greg is doing OK, nothing serious. How kind to leave those books - I'm sure they will be appreciated by someone else waiting to hear about a loved one - especially needed in a hospital.

  2. (hmmh, thought I had left a comment already!)
    These are lovely. Lots of wonderful little "Ooo, look at that!" bits : loopy macrame strings, Thumbprints (which I have yet to try), the new Showgirl...
    I'd be delighted to receive any one of these.
    See you in a few months!