Saturday, February 22, 2014

Enjoying the Museums at Ringllng Estates in Sarasota, FL

William Woodword "The Greatest Show on Earth" Oil

Guiseppe Arcimbole (painted between 1600-1620) Ringling Art Museum

I have a special place in my heart for clowns (you have seen my recent clown paintings posted a while ago).  

If this mural at the top was in place during my last visit to Ringling…I don't remember seeing it.  Anyway it's amazing. I was there last Wednesday on a bus trip with other friends from Hawthorne Park in Leesburg, FL.  The Museum and grounds is in Sarasota.  It is by William Woodward and the title is "The Greatest Show on Earth".  Oil on canvas.  264 x 504 inches.  

Imagine the amount of paint this took!  And the amount of time to complete!  It's interesting to learn more about him as an artist.  Click here.  If you click on "murals" you will see the original sketches for this painting with him in front of it.  It appears that the "gridding" he did for it was done with ropes (which makes sense).  Be sure to find this on the web site and click on it and enlarge it.  He also points out where the seams are in the painting.  The movie on the website also shows him with the mural. (and other murals).  

The second painting is a pair of Fruits and Veggies people that I thought were wonderfully fun.  I just posted the one I liked best.  Very fun day.  We had super weather.  

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