Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Mailbox Cover

10 x 19   1/2 of the mailbox cover

Acrylic paint on linoleum.  This is 1/2 (the other side is folded back and is just plain blue.  That is because that side of the cover will face my neighbor's mailbox and so won't really be visible.  

The cover will have magnets attached to the back side so that it can be removed from the mailbox in the summer when we are not here in the park.  Or sometimes people do seasonal ones...and like to switch them.  The subject is for my hubby who is model train buff.  "318" is actually our house # here in the park.  I am thinking I'll extend the track out to the right edge and behind the train, have them wind around the little palm and disappear behind the cloud of smoke.  

I am not sure but am thinking this will need to be "sealed" with some sort of clear acrylic coating before it is ready for prime time.  I am hoping to get it up before before Easter!!!  It only took me all winter to do this!  Hahaha.

ps.  Just got word that my clown painting in the Leesburg show got an honorable mention "merit award"!  Oh yeah!  How fun.  

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  1. Very cute. You should do a Zentangle cover - bet you could incorporate a train into the designs - that would knock the socks off your mail person (or perhaps he/she doesn't wear socks down in Florida)!!