Friday, February 14, 2014

Washi Tape: Valentine Fun

The top photo shows nine strips of Washi tape being painted with acrylics at the same time.  Then the second photo shows one piece of tape pulled off.  

You can find the video how to for this here.
I think I have probably put this reference on my blog before as this is not the first Washi tape post.  

I am using Nexcare "gentle paper" tape usually found in the band aide or first aid section of your stores (I found mine in the dollar store).  It is 20 yards of 1" tape.  I can't remember the cost but under $3 I am sure.  

Then I store the tape (as shown in the video) by winding the side by side onto large plastic drinking straws (the kind you buy for smoothies and shakes).  Or you can pick them up in fast food places too.

When you paint/stamp/stencil your tapes you just stick them to a shiny surface like a plastic placemat or a piece of clean acrylic.  Whatever. I like to leave them to dry overnight before I wind them.   

It's a fun activity and I adore the can use them to bind the little Kindness books.  I use them to decorate envelopes.  I just stick the straws (with tapes on them) in a cup on my art desk and they come in handy for lots of things. 

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!