Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Kindness Project

Random acts of hear more about them about this time of year...Valentine's Day.  But this was such a delightful idea I thought I'd share.  

People are always asking me..."after I have created 50 of these Zentangles...what shall I do with them?"
Well, I have a lot of ideas, of course, but here is a new one.  

Make little "Random Acts of Kindness Tiny Books".
And just leave them places for people to find.  
Inside you can put some nice thought.

I have decided to add on the cover..."this is a surprise gift for you" so people know that it is not something lost...but rather something they are supposed to find and keep or pass on.  

If you go to you can find out more about how this started.  And get some ideas of some sayings to put inside yours.  Although you may have a poem or something you have written or found you like better.  

I like to keep mine anonymous.  But some people put their email inside and so then they get feedback from folks who find it.  You'll see such a response on the blog site.  The blog site founders suggest all kinds of places to leave them...from on the bus, at a cemetery, on the school secretary's desk, to a grocery store shelf, in a hospital at the nurses station, in a doctor's office...anywhere.  Just a tiny bit of kindness scattered about with your lovely piece of art work.  I used just drawing paper for the cover and on some I put colorful tape for the binding but just scotch tape will work. I tuck 3 or 4 in my purse in a zip lock bag.   

Where will you leave your Zentangle?