Monday, February 10, 2014

Quil-tee by Ginny Stiles


Sometimes it's a wonder what possesses me to think I can do something.  

After attending a fantastic quilt show and taking photos of some of the materials used in the quilts...I found a pattern I really liked and I "wondered" if I could possible figure out the "step outs" (which means directions in Zentangle talk) to making it. 

Taking the pattern down to the BARE minimum and then working your way back up takes some outside-the-box thinking.  It often requires looking at "negative" shapes instead of positive ones.  

Anyway, I thought it was kind of fun but it took me a good hour and a half of "futzing" around to work myself back into steps that would be repetitive so that someone else could do the pattern too.  

I hope one of you out there will try it for me and see if it is repeatable!  It's not the easiest tangle but not that hard either once you get the hang of it.   

1 comment:

  1. Good for you discovering your own Tangle; I'm sure that's how many of them have begun. It would take me far longer than an hour and a half to do this one! It's very cool looking, though - good luck!



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