Tuesday, September 15, 2009

17 mile Drive at Pebble Beach

Looking back at these photos and sketches even makes me SMELL the salt air again.  There is no better way to "pay attention" than to sketch.  And my sister and brother in law ARE so wonderful that they'll take a walk or visit or walk while I take half an hour to make a little sketch.  You do have to pick your sketching buddies!!!  

I've seen people do a nice job of the spray affect with frisket (misket) as well, but I had not brought any along on this trip.  Does anyone else have any special way they do this.  I know there is a group of bloggers who do nothing but paint water. Their blog is called Watermarks. On their site under the label "breakers" techniques they mention working with thinned white acrylic, or acrylic ink, frisket, gouache, and razor blades.  If you put a razor blade in your check in luggage that would be an okay thing to have along.  Next time. 

The challenge here was to paint spray in watercolor.  I did have a little white gouache with me but I chose instead to use my "scrubber" brush (Fritch scrubber) and lift out the spray. The paper in the watercolor moleskin sketchbook took to this pretty well.  So for a quick "idea" of the spray I was okay with this.  The 17 miles ride around the Pebble Beach area cost us $9 per car but was well worth it!!!  Amazing.   

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